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The Park 900

Daniel Dermer - President

On January 1, 1996, Dermer Management was fortunate enough to be awarded the management of the tallest residential property on Park Avenue.  At the time, the doors of Dermer Management were open for just one year. When I was informed that Dermer Management was selected to be the new managing agent as of January 1, 1996, I asked the Board members why they selected Dermer Management.

The answer was:

The Board responded - We checked your references and the one thing that came shining through were the words honesty, integrity and trust.  We have been through many management firms that promised the world and never delivered.  We want Dermer Management to provide the personalized service and trust we have been lacking for so many years.

I am pleased to report that Dermer Management just celebrated its 23rd year as the managing agent of The Park 900 Condominium.